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Whitelight Production



  1. Be That Guy - Azu Yeché
  2. Sense Life - Frank Joshua
  3. Wait A Minute - Mozez
  4. Rain - Frank Joshua
  5. Looking At Me - Mozez
  6. The Greed And The Hunger (Remix) - Frank Joshua
  7. Loneliest Place In The World - Frank Joshua
  8. Brittle Pieces - Zemmy
  9. Cry Blue - Frank Joshua
  10. The Greed And The Hunger - Frank Joshua
  11. If I - Frank Joshua
  12. A Place Called Home - Mozez
  13. Dignity featuring Mozez - Whitelight
  14. Roof Of The World featuring Tenzin Choegyal - Whitelight

Here is a selection of my music production.

All engineered, mixed and some mastered at my recording studio in London.

I am an experienced musician. Playing and tracking live:

I can bring in other top session players, if needed. I work with great vocalists and backing singers.

I am fluent in a wide range of genres:

making each song unique using a blend of different styles.

As a music producer, I can help shape an idea, polish a finished track or transform a home-recording into a final product.

I also pay much attention to vocal production. Placing the artist at ease, recording their best performance.

Get in touch, tell me about your music. You are welcome to send me your audio files.