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Whitelight Production


The breadth of Tony's musical knowledge/ability is truly astounding. He is classic, experimental, simple or complex – whatever the music/your vision requires.

If you're serious about making a great record, Tony is your guy! The fact that he is easy to work with is just icing on top of the cake.

Azu Yeché


I've been working with Tony for over 15 years now.

Each time I come to him with a song, he just seems to know what to do to get to the core of it and bring it to life.

I've no idea how he does it at all, never mind doing it so brilliantly and consistently.

He's literally never let me down! One of London's great talents and also a lovely man. Don't use him. I need him.

Gear Head

Frank Joshua


Tony has sprinkled his stardust on my tunes for the last 10 years…

Not only that, he has helped to bring to life songs that either barely existed before I went into the studio, or songs that I didn't believe were quite good enough.

The magician behind the madness.

Tom Murray

Session Guitarist / Singer-Songwriter

Tony is a consummate professional with a relax and ease that belie his strength and tenacity, a dignified man, a highly skilled musician, producer and mix engineer.

I have worked with Tony for over 20 years and have no hesitation in recommending him to you.


Platinum Singer-Songwriter

Tony seems to understand what I want even just as I start to think it.

He takes the flimsiest of emerging ideas and makes them into something astounding, while still maintaining a real eye for detail.

For more than a decade he’s been making me sound fantastic.


Champagne Dreads

Worked with Tony on an album project.

He has helped massively with getting my ideas down and has brought a wealth of experience and technical know-how to the project as well as contributing considerably by playing a range of instruments too – drums , keys and guitars.

He's been invaluable. Professional and a real pleasure to work with.

Little Brother David


I started working with Tony last year (2018) and quickly discovered that he manages to get under the skin of my songs, as well as recording and producing them to an incredibly high level.

When sending my home demo to Tony I have an idea in my head where I would like the song to go and he manages to exceed my expectations every time.

Another great aspect is that Tony works with you during the process and, where necessary, will offer really good advice to help lift a song.

The vocalists he uses and his musicianship are top notch.

The fact that Tony is so personable and easy to work with is a bonus…and he makes it seems so effortless!

Simon Brobyn


I've been a client of Tony's for over 10 years now and can honesty say I've never been disappointed with the results.

He's a very talented producer and multi-instrumentalist who will ensure your song is "ready for radio" by the time you leave his studio at the end of the day.

He is efficient and works fast as long as you know your song. That said, he is always willing to give advise/suggestions on arrangements and harmonies if need be.

He's friendly and approachable but also professional and is happy to work in any genre required.

Rory Flynn